JapanCool 招き猫(Fortune beckoning cat)


招き猫(Fortune beckoning cat)


“Fortune beckoning cats” are becoming popular in foreign countries. You can find some useful information about fortune beckoning cats in this article. First of all, the origin of fortune beckoning cats. In fact, there are various stories regarding its origin. One of the most famous stories is about a fortune beckoning cat at Goutoku temple at Setagaya in Tokyo.




One day, a warrior took a shelter at Goutoku temple by being guided by a cat. He was under a tree at first. He found out that lightning stroke this tree and he could have died if he had not moved to Goutoku temple. He appreciated the cat and contributed to the prosperity of Goutoku temple which owned this cat. In fact, a lot of fortune beckoning cats are worshiped there.





Japanese people are often asked about the difference between the cat raising a right hand and the one with its left hand raised. It is said that the one with the right hand raised brings economic fortune and the one with the left hand raised brings customers. Additionally, the height of the raising hand makes a difference. If the hand is raised overhead, this cat brings big fortune from far away. On the other hand, if the hand is raised lower, the cat brings certainly small fortune close to you.





Moreover, the meaning of fortune beckoning cats is different depending on its color. White cats brings good luck, black cats drive away bad luck, gold cats bring economic fortune, pink cats bring good fortune, green cats bring success in an examination, orange cats bring fortune at work, bleu cats bring safety in transportation and improvement in study and the red cats drive sickness away. This kind of information is very useful in choosing a fortune beckoning cat, isn’t it?