JapanCool 夏祭り(Summer festivals)


英語で日本を紹介するJapan Coolです。国際的な時代に対応するため、日本をうまく英語で説明できることも「おもてなし」ではないかという企画です。




Festivals are held in shrines and temples in summer in Japan. Japanese festivals have various meanings such as praying for good harvest and celebrating a new year. The meanings of summer festivals are worshipping sprit of the dead, keeping away epidemics, harmful insects, typhoons etc.





Japanese people often go to a summer festival with ”Yukata”. Yukata is a type of kimono for summer and easier and cooler to wear. We choose a belt called Obi that fits the color of the yukata. Moreover, we sometimes perform a special dance: Bon-odori in summer festivals which has been conveyed all over Japan since a long time ago.




Besides, we can also enjoy “yatai “: stalls in summer festivals. We can buy something to eat at yatai and enjoy eating them while walking around. What you can buy at yatai are Japanese fried noodles: yakisoba in Japanese, octopus fritters: takoyaki, Japanese pancake with various ingredients such as vegetables, meat, seafood: Okonomiyaki, grilled corn, grilled chicken on a skewer and so on. The sweets that you can get at yatai are cotton candy, candy whole apple etc. We can say that visiting a summer festival in Japan is a good opportunity to try various Japanese foods. Children can also have fun by a goldfish scooping game, a shooting game, a ring toss etc. that are held at yatai.




The date of a summer festival is different from a place to a place. Please check the date of the summer festival in your local town and then try it out!